At Occombe you can meet Blackjack and Luna. Our friendly pair love to say hello and have lots of fuss. They came to their forever home at Occombe from The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

Donkeys were domesticated 6000 years ago and are originally from a desert habitat. Donkeys are awesome animals for many reasons! Did you know that they have really big ears? Those big ears help them stay cool in hot weather by letting heat escape from their bodies. Also, donkeys are super strong and can carry heavy loads. They’re like the superheroes of the animal world! But the coolest thing about donkeys is that they’re really smart and have amazing memories. Once they learn something, they never forget it! So, if you make friends with a donkey, they’ll remember you forever. How cool is that?

The smallest full-grown donkey ever recorded was only 64.2cm!