Did you know that sheep have scent glands in front of their eyes and in between their toes that will smell differently on each sheep, this is one way that they tell each other apart.

We’ve lots more facts like this about our flock. Come and meet the gorgeous grey face Dartmoors and a strong texel cross.

The Grey Faced Dartmoor breed of sheep is really special because they’re like living pieces of history! They’ve been roaming around the beautiful Dartmoor hills for hundreds of years. These sheep are famous for their lovely grey faces and soft, curly wool, which helps keep them warm in the chilly moorland weather. But what’s really amazing is that they’re part of Dartmoor’s unique ecosystem, helping to keep the landscape healthy by grazing on the grass and keeping it nice and trim. So, they’re not just cute and cuddly, they’re also important members of their environment!

Texel Cross Sheep are very special because they combine the best qualities of two different kinds of sheep. The Texel sheep, originally from an island in the Netherlands, are known for their strong bodies and beautiful wool. Plus, they’re super cute with their fluffy coats and friendly faces.

Seasonally there’ll be lambs to meet too.