Visit our Animal Encounters Barn for cuddles with bunnies and guinea pigs. Follow the 500 metres self-guided Farm Animal Paddocks Trail to see goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens, turkeys, cows and two gorgeous donkeys.

Aside from meeting bunnies and guinea pigs in the Animal Encounters Barn, from time to time, there’ll be babies too; lambs, calves, chicks and ducklings.

Daily Activities…

There’s a daily schedule of activities for supervised handling and cuddles, feeding, talks and demonstrations. These will change weekly and seasonally. Just ask a member of our team on arrival about whose on the farm today.

In the paddocks…

See the farm animals in the paddocks. You can feed them with their special and very favourite snacks and watch our team as they complete their daily tasks. Their favourite snacks are available to buy on arrival.

Children on the hay bail
Close encounters and cuddle time!

Learn about farming and the roles these animals play, and how some of them help in the local conservation of Torbay too.



We have the cutest bunnies at Occombe. Come for cuddles or watch them playing in their hutch.

Meet our Rabbits >


We’ve two donkeys for you to meet. Our friendly pair can be found grazing on the Animal Paddocks Trail.

Meet our Donkeys >


There’s four pretty pigs to meet. See them playing on the Animal Paddocks Trail.

Meet our Pigs >


See the ducks splashing around in the duck pond and discover more about our two popular breeds.

Meet our Ducks >

Guinea pigs

Come for cuddles with the cutest Guinea pigs!

Meet our Guinea pigs >


Our cattle at Occombe Farm are a local breed, red ruby. Get up close to a mum and her calf on our animal paddocks trail.

Meet our Cows >


We’ve three great breeds for you to meet and seasonally there’ll be lambs too.

Meet our Sheep >


We’ve three breeds of chicken on the farm; silkies, black australorps and buff orpingtons. Come and find out more about them.

Meet our Chickens >



Come and meet our cheeky goats. Get up close on an Animal Encounter Session or see them playing in their paddock on the Animal Trail.

Meet our Goats >


We’ve a pair of very interesting looking Turkeys to meet.

Meet our Turkeys >