If you are unhappy with a service or product that we have provided we want to hear about it, so we can do better or put right what has gone wrong.

We love to hear from you when we get it right and we want to hear from you when we get it wrong. Your feedback helps us to celebrate successes and drives improvements. All feedback is welcome! You can contact us using our contact page.


We commit to:

  • Treating all complaints seriously and to handling them professionally, fairly and properly;
  • Acknowledge receipt of complaints with in 2 working days;
  • Providing you with a date by which we aim to respond to you regarding your complaint and informing you if we will be able to respond in that timeframe;
  • Investigating complaints thoroughly;
  • Seeking to resolve complaints within 10 working days;
  • Learning from complaints and taking action to improve;
  • Treating your complaints in confidence.


It’s always better if you tell us at the time. Most complaints can be more easily sorted out there and then by a team member. We welcome the opportunity to listen and help.

If it’s not possible to complain at the time you can contact us by email, post or telephone.

You can use our contact us page to message us with your complaint. This page includes details of our head office address, telephone number, email address and hours of business. Or use the contact details set out below:


We will try to resolve the issue with you straight away. If we can’t we will ask you for details of your complaint and your contact details for referral to the appropriate team manager. We may suggest that you put your complaint in writing via post or email.

Call: 01803 520 022 


We will do everything we can to resolve the complaint within 10 working days. If we can’t meet this deadline, we will explain why and agree a new one. Any complaint that can’t be resolved at the time will be forwarded to a manager for them to review and investigate. 

Write to: Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust, Occombe Farm, Preston Down Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 1RN

Email us: complaints@countryside-trust.org.uk

All Trust staff are aware of our complaints procedure and will do their best to adhere to it. 


First Referral: If we have not satisfactorily resolved your complaint through our initial response you can ask for your complaint to be referred to the Trust’s Chief Executive who will provide a response with in 15 working days (or inform you if it will take longer than this). Please mark your letter as confidential.

Second Referral: If you are unhappy with the response from our Chief Executive you can write to our Chair of Trustees by email chair@countryside-trust.org.uk or in writing to:  The Chair of Trustees, Torbay Coast & Countryside Trust, Occombe Farm, Preston Down Road, Paignton, Devon TQ3 1RN

Please mark your letter as confidential.

There is no automatic right for a complaint to be escalated. The Trust reserves the right to consider the escalation of complaints in the context to efforts made previously to resolve the matter. The request to escalate a particular complaint will be declined if Trust staff have made reasonable efforts to resolve the complaint previously.