Occombe Play Barn: this is outdoor play; indoors!

A unique and inspirational play space for children, 2- 12 years. Telling the story of Torbay’s inspirational natural heritage through coastal, woodland and countryside zones. Representing our Bay’s stunning landscapes through cliff faces to scramble up, a giant shell to climb inside, slides to soar down, a shipwreck to clamber over, even a woodland with musical trees.

There’s outdoor play too.


Sit back in the dappled light through the leaves and listen to the birds in the trees. Or make your own percussive music, like a woodpecker, on the log drums.

Shipwreck and flotsam

This shipwreck is buried in the sand and parts of it are washing away to the sea. Climb on board, swing across the monkey rings and splash over to the wobbly plank and raft.


Imagine yourself, shrunk down to the size of a tiny speck. This periwinkle shell might be at the bottom of a deep rockpool or swishing out to sea. What are the sounds you can hear?

Climb up to see the spiral shell pattern. Now you’re inside though, is it a pirate ship? A treehouse? Climb the net, find your own space to play and whoosh down the slide. Designed to inspire the Jules Verne in all of us.

The Beach Hut

A familiar sight welcomes us to the seashore. Accessible boardwalk ramps lead us up and through the hut. The beach hut is a calm space of retreat, away from the bigger adventures taking place


Walk along the coastal path around a Devon cove, and enjoy the ever-changing South West weather. Here is where land and sea meet, where you can hear cows and sheep alongside waves and gulls. Scale the climbing wall and take in the view.

Play Outdoors!

Haystack Maze

Be the King of the castle or Queen of the maze. Hide, slide, jump all over this unique haystack feature. Climb to the highest point, hide in the lowest tunnel, jump over the tractor tyre and escape down the slippery slide! There’s lots of fun to be made!

Mud Kitchen

Mix up a feast at the mud kitchen. We’ve created an outdoor cooking station just for kids complete with mixing bowls and utensils to create the grossest, yukkiest mix-ups! Slime smoothies. Grass and leaf biscuits. Sand and mud brownies! Where will your imagination take you….

There’s more outdoor fun to come. We’re adding more soon….watch this space…