Ducks can sleep with one eye open to keep them safe from predators! And they have 3 eyelids!

At Occombe you’ll see two breeds of duck – Saxony & White Hookbill ducks!

Saxony and White Hookbill ducks are like characters from a fairy tale come to life! The Saxony ducks have beautiful feathers that shimmer in shades of brown, like leaves in autumn, while the White Hookbill ducks are as bright and pure as freshly fallen snow. What’s really cool about them is that they’re excellent swimmers and love splashing around in ponds or paddling pools. But the most magical thing about these ducks is their quack! Each one has a unique voice, almost like they’re singing their own special song. So, when you meet our Saxony or White Hookbill ducks, listen closely – they might just serenade you with their cheerful quacks!