Shetland ponies

Shetland Ponies are the smallest breed of pony found in Britain. They’re no taller than 46 inches (1.17m) but are one of the hardiest.

At Occombe you can meet Annie and Rocky. They are friendly pair with very little legs! They are miniature Shetland ponies with lots of character. They love to come up to you for a chat!

Shetland ponies come in two sizes miniature and standard. Who knew! They’re like the tiny superheroes of the horse world! Despite being small, they are super strong and have a lot of energy. Even though they’re small, they can pull carts, carry kids, and even compete in fun pony races! Plus, Shetland ponies have the fluffiest, most adorable coats, especially in the winter. They’re like little furry balls of happiness! And guess what? They’re also really clever and love playing games with people. So, when you meet our Shetland ponies, get ready for a big dose of fun and cuteness!