Tasting! Yarde Wild Winery

Stoke Gabriel based Yarde Wild Winery are creators of cider and wild sparkling wines. They are based in an old garden nursery site in Stoke Gabriel, just outside Paignton. Their wines are made using ingredients they grow or forage from fields, hedgerows or the shores of the nearby River Dart. They grow organic ingredients to make their mead and herbal spirits.

In-Farm tasting: Saturday 18th February. 11am – 3pm. Come and try these locally made tipples.

Products Include:

  • Sparkling Dandelion wine
  • Sparkling Blackberry wine
  • Fine Sparkling cider
  • Sparkling Nettle Wine
  • Sparkling Gorse wine
  • Sparkling Mead
  • Sparkling Rose petal
  • Sparkling Pink elderflower
  • Sparkling Ginger
  • Sparkling Hibiscus
  • Sparkling Lilac
  • Sparkling Camellia tips with bergamot (AKA Earl Grey tea)